4K Gamer Pro – Wobbling Pixels Comparison

Wobbling Pixels recently posted a video showing comparisons of 1080p-outputting consoles run through the 4K Gamer Pro.  It was an excellent demonstration of the device and answered a lot of people’s questions about compatibility and how it looks in certain scenarios.  If you’re not familiar with the product, I recommend watching WP’s video first, then checking out my deep-dive analysis afterwards to demonstrate what it’s actually doing and how it performs.  Some more info and my video below…

4K Gamer Pro Kickstarter:
Direct Captures:
You can find my review and deep-dive test below:

One disclaimer I’d definitely like to mention is this device will look slightly better on your 4KTV then how it looks in both of our videos.  This is for a few reasons.  First and foremost, YouTube compresses the heck out of their videos, often changing the look.  On top of that, 4K60 losses capture is really, really hard…so all the footage in both videos are compressed three times:  Once when capturing/recording, once when rendering and again when YouTube messes with it.  I posted some direct captures in the link above, which are only compressed once during capture.  So, while it’s still not quite as good as it would be on your TV, they at least skip the rendering and YouTube compression.

Also, sometimes I loved the look of the device and other times I didn’t.  And what’s funny, is sometimes I didn’t like the look, simply because it accentuated what’s already there!  WP’s video really demonstrated this well – Sometimes certain graphics just don’t sharp-scale well and would benefit more from smoothing (either via your TV’s soft-scaling, or an anti-aliasing device like the mCable/mClassic).  I also sometimes didn’t mind the “haloing” added to 2D graphics, as I thought a sharp-scale was worth the tradeoff.  Plus, sometimes it looked cool on certain graphics.

Whatever you decide, just know that this device performs really well (proof in the video below), so feel free to like it or dislike it; It’s 100% opinion-based and the only “right” answer is what looks best to your eyes.  Just don’t say something dumb like “it’s the same as turning up the sharpness on your TV” – It’s definitely different.

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