Zelda: The Minish Cap has been fully decompiled

Lord Almighty, it’s a Christmas miracle! The absolute champions over at ZeldaRET have done it again, this time with a full decompilation of Capcom’s GBA classic: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. No word on a PC port or anything too exciting just yet, considering the decompilers won’t be handling it themselves. However, knowing the Zelda fanbase, one will likely pop up sooner, rather than later.

Check out ZeldaRET’s GitHub here

Previously known for their impressive feat of decompiling Ocarina of Time, ZeldaRET have been plugging away at various Zelda-related reverse engineering projects for years now, with Majora’s Mask currently sitting at a very exciting 92.1% of decompiled C code. The Minish Cap has always been a bit of a quiet treasure among the pantheon of 2D Zelda’s. It’s not perfect, and it’s certainly no Link’s Awakening, but the majesty of it’s pixel art and the brevity of its journey make it a pleasant one to revisit every few years.

What sort of things would you like to see in a potential PC port of Minish Cap? More item buttons? A zoomed out FOV, ala Link’s Awakening DX HD (RIP). Or perhaps, even a fix to that notorious sidequest that can’t ever be finished…