Xenocrisis N64 Release

Bitmap Bureau have recently opened pre-orders on a Nintendo 64 version of their game Xenocrisis.  A complete-in-box cartridge version is around $60, but if you use a ROM Cart, you can get a ROM-only version for under $20.  The carts are due to ship by the end of the month, with the roms being distributed shortly after.  Links to all versions of the game can be found in their shop:

Purchase Here:

As a note, Xenocrisis is now available on a lot of different platforms.  I think this is a good thing! – If you love retro stuff, you can play on your favorite classic console…but if you only have a modern platform, you can find it there as well.  Just please, PLEASE buy a real copy!!!  There’s a bunch of bootlegs being sold and it’s pretty disgusting.  If you absolutely can’t afford to buy it, “borrow” a ROM from someone.  While that’s not helping the developers, at least it’s not feeding money into the pocket of thieves!

Don’t forget – Every time you buy something from a cloner / thief, you’re funding them to steal more things from other people.  And maybe next time, they’ll steal from you.

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