Write-up about the Sega Master System Architecture

SMS Power user Flip (Rodrigo Copetti) has been working on a full analysis of the Sega Master System:

This is both an archival piece, as well as an excellent source of information for anyone looking to develop on the SMS platform.  While some games of that era haven’t aged very well (and others have received modern ports), there are absolutely a large library of games worth checking out.  My favorites from the Sega Master System were always ones that provided unique experiences, such as the 3D games like Maze Hunter, Out Run and Space Harrier.

I also appreciate when those unique experiences can be combined, such as when playing Out Run 3D with the paddle controller, or playing the game Missile Defense 3D;  A simple-but-fun light gun game that utilized the stereoscopic 3D effect.  That’s right, you shoot 3D, 8-bit missiles 🙂

There’s a discussion over on SMS Power about the writeup and people have been offering to translate Rodrigo’s work into different languages as well:


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