Wolfenduino 3D FX for Arduboy FX Released

James Howard has released Wolfenduino 3D FX, a Wolfenstein 3D 1-bit demake for Arduboy FX. It is completely free and open source. You can play this in few currently, mainly by loading the .hex and .bin files on your Arduboy FX. If you don’t have an Arduboy FX, you can also play it on your browser, following the announcement link bellow, which has the game loaded in an emulator and playable right in a browser.

Wolfenduino 3D FX:

It features:
10 Levels based on the shareware episode ‘Escape from Wolfenstein’
Enemies, weapons and secret push walls, all based on the original game with graphics redrawn for the Arduboy screen.
Sound effects based on the PC speaker effects found in the original game
Four difficulty levels
An auto-save system that saves your progress at the end of each level
A high score table

The way game renders the 3D world in this 1-bit interpretation and honestly mesmerizing. Even if you are not a Wolfenstein 3D or FPS fan, I would highly recommend at least trying it out for anyone interested in any esoteric video games. If you’ve played Return of Obra Dinn before, you might like this one too.