Wireless N64 Receiver 3D Printed Bracket

Todd from RetroFrog has recently released a 3D printed bracket that secures N64 wireless controller receivers in place.  If you’re using a memory card, it might be a good idea to pick up one of these, just to reduce wear and tear on your N64’s controller port.  There are versions for both the Brawler64 and Tribute 64 available from the drop-down menu:

RetroFrog Bracket:
Brawler64 (more info and purchase links):
Tribute64 Grey:
Tribute64 Atomic Purple:

EDIT:  Todd has released the design files here, so you can print your own:

While I certainly appreciate Todd stepping up and providing a solution for people who want the extra protection…he should never have had to!  I’m shocked both companies didn’t take controller port wear into consideration and provide a “kickstand” at the end of the memory card slot.  It might have cost an extra $0.01 per unit in plastic, but it would have provided the small amount of support needed to make sure the receiver and memory card don’t weight your ports down too much.

I mean, this wear & tear is only speculation…but would you want to chance ruining the controller ports in a fully-modded console with the N64 Digital installed!?!?  I certainly wouldn’t.

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