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…also, if you’re the person who won the Bose cube speakers a few weeks ago, here’s all the systems that it’s recommended you use them with, the best option being a compatible Acoustimass 5.1 option – I figured I’d leave this here for a bit longer, just as a reference to help out!:

Acoustimass 3 Series III (2.0):
* used the AM3 III Bass Module

Acoustimass 600 (5.0):
* Used the AM600 Bass Module

Acoustimass 6 (5.0)
* Used the AM6 Bass Module:

Comes with a Bose receiver
Companion surround sound system (5.0)
*Used the CS6 Bass Module
https://bose.fandom.com/wiki/Companion_CS-6_Controller (info not on Bose website, but some info on fan site)

Lifestyle 3 II (2.1)
*Used the AM3P II Bass Module

Lifestyle 8 (5.1)
*Used the AM8P Bass Module

Lifestyle 800 (5.1)
Used the AM800P Bass Module

Lifestyle 900 (5.1)[Note: really weird one as it came with 3 double falcon speakers and two single falcon speakers]*
*Used the AM900P Bass Module

…and if you’re on this page after the Whatnot stream ends, please check back in a few days to see what’s in store for next week!