Update RetroTINK Products on Mac & Linux

Developer Ryan Mullen has just created a Python script that will allow you to update your RetroTINK devices on all operating systems, including Mac and Linux – Two OS’s that were previously unsupported for TINK updates!  The video above walks you through doing it on a Mac and the video below shows you both how to set your TINK’s into upgrade mode, as well as the Windows procedure:

Purchase all RetroTINK Products via multiple vendors worldwide here:
TINKUP Download and Instructions:
RetroTINK 5x v2 Firmware:

Also, here’s a quick-reference guide to performing the Python update:


    • Download Python via the command line via this script: ‘python3 -m pip install pyserial’
    • Download FTDI drivers that match your OS (get signed for Apple):
    • Reboot (probably not needed, but come on, we’re nerds, right!?!?

Flash Firmware:

    • Download TINKUP and extract to your desktop:
    • Download the RetroTINK Firmware that matches your model.
    • Move that TINK firmware to the ‘tinkup’ folder on your desktop; Maybe rename it something short to make it easier?
    • Change to the tinkup directory via a terminal window (could be as easy as ‘cd tinkup’)
    • Run the following command, but with the matching hex file (firmware file) name: ‘python3 firmware.hex’
    • If that doesn’t work, run ‘python’ instead of ‘python3’
    • Wait between thirty seconds and two minutes until it’s done.
    • If you run into any issues, reboot and re-connect the TINK, making SURE it’s in update mode.

My guess is after watching the video once or twice, you’ll only need to reference the above instructions – It really is that easy.  Here’s the original video that shows you how to put each TINK into update mode:

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