Unreleased Genesis Game

Hidden Palace has just posted a prototype of a previously unreleased Sega Genesis / Mega Drive beat-em-up game, based on the 1993 comic series Out Of The Vortex.  While the game is glitchy, it’s still very playable.  Gameplay footage can be found in the video above and you can try it yourself via the link in the main post:

Main Post:

I believe there was a previous prototype of the game found, this one seems to be much more playable.  Also, I think this is a game that deserves more attention and Hidden Palace said it best in their post:

The game was never announced, referenced, or hinted at in any magazine or tradeshow event and remains a mystery. This build in particular is most likely a prototype meant for pitching the game to potential publishers.

This is a pretty big deal for fans of 16-bit beat em ups, as you’re essentially getting a look at a brand new game!

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