The Story Of Oregon Trail

Norman Caruso, aka The Gaming Historian recently released a documentary about the iconic game: The Oregon Trail.  The hour-plus long video includes extensive interviews from the original creators, as well as the team that made it into the game most of us remember.  If you’ve ever played this game in your school’s computer lab as a kid, this is a must-watch!

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I really enjoyed this documentary, both to see the inception of this game, as well as have a better understanding of why it was in so many school’s in the 80’s and 90’s!  I also realized I haven’t actually sat and played it since I was about ten years old and am curious to see how it holds up;  Of course, with the mindset that it’s an educational game designed for kids.  Maybe I’ll livestream it someday?  Until then, stay healthy and try not to die of something awful on the trail…


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