Swiss Updates (Spring 2020)

The Swiss team has been continuing their work on ‘the Swiss army knife of GameCube tools’, adding another very long list of features and tweaks to this already awesome software.  The first thing people might notice when using this newer version is a skin change, with a slightly changed look.  Personally, I really like it!

The next change I noticed is something all GCLoader users will notice immediately:  Extrems has implemented “instant loading”.  According to the release notes:

A new fastboot apploader has been introduced. Users with an optical drive emulator can now enjoy near-instant access to Swiss. You can use the boot through IPL feature to bring back the boot animation when loading games.

I loaded the new version of Swiss before realizing it was an implemented change and was shocked at how quickly it went from power off to the Swiss menu!  While there’s plenty of other changes and support for older SD cards added, I think GCLoader users will enjoy this feature the most!

The full list of changes are below and as always, you can get the latest version from the main release page:

@cristofercruz committed:

  • Updated list view and region icons
  • Correct highlight button image dimensions to 4×4, raise menu bar slightly, adjust spacing between menu bar and file browser.
  • Updated file type image templates.
  • Updated interface images for backdrop, file type and menu buttons. Minor tweaks to text positions.
  • Remove redundant condition.
  • Split cli and dcp reading to allow loading arguments from both.

@emukidid committed:

  • Fix analog range issue on scrolling (issue #329)
  • Bump version to 0.5
  • Update BNR credits
  • Add patreon supporters list to credits

@Extrems committed:

  • Fix build with devkitPPC release 36.
  • Fix Memory Slot A usage with no patch device present.
  • Fix issue with timer 3-4.
  • Prepare for full DI emulation.
  • Add basic disc read speed emulation for GCLoader.
  • Stop streaming audio on IGR.
  • Skip ELF duplicate of default DOL.
  • Trigger IGR on game crash.
  • Add __OSBootDolSimple signature found in Kururin Squash!
  • Don’t setup progressive scan for BS2 NTSC Revision 1.0.
  • Use point sampling for upscaling banners.
  • Fix UI projection matrix.
  • Improve text downscaling quality.
  • Apply pixel center fix.
  • Fix crash when igr.dol overlap critical section of game executable.
  • Fix .dol+cli files.
  • Code space optimizations.
  • Patch DVDGetTransferredSize.
  • Only read portion of ELFs we care about.
  • Don’t use compressed DOL for ISOs.
  • Update apploader build date.
  • Force IPL menu on exit.
  • Use new fastboot apploader.
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