Super HD System 3 PRO @ Stone Age Gamer

Terraonion’s Super HD System 3 Pro is now available for pre-order at Stone Age Gamer.  The SHDS3Pro is an HDMI-outputting version of Terraonion’s SSDS3 ODE/AV adapter that also includes built-in support for the SuperGrafx.  The price is $320 plus shipping

Purchase yours here:
MicroSD Cards (I recommend at least 128GB for the full rom/CD set):

I recently did a livestream testing the device and overall really liked it.  The ODE/ROM Cart functionality was just as good as the original, the HDMI and RGB output were excellent and the ability to load the correct color palette made this the best plug & play device available for original PCE/TG-16 consoles.  More info can be found in this post and I embedded the livestream below:

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