Super GC+ – SNES to GC Controller Kit

4 Layer Technologies have just released a kit that converts Super Nintendo or Super Famicom controllers to a Game Cube controller (also usable on Wii).  It’s a #nocutmod and is fully reversible, however you’ll need to solder the kit together; The video above does an excellent job walking you through the process.  It should work on some 3rd party controllers, but none have been confirmed as of the writing of this post.  The price is $35 plus shipping and it’s available now:

Purchase Here:

There’s a few things to discuss here.  First, this kit was designed both for functionality and as a way for beginners to have a modding project they can handle.  While I’d like to see pre-made, drop-in ones sold at a premium, I love that 4 Layer Tech had future modders in mind when they made this.

Next, the dpad, face buttons, and start button are all mapped to their respective GameCube counterparts, while the select button is mapped to Z by default. This mapping is very suitable for not only GameBoy Player content, but all the retro classics playable on the GameCube and Wii. Compilations on retail discs, virtual console, homebrew emulators, and anything compatible with a standard GameCube controller are all compatible.

Also, its made using a GC+ 2.0 module, allowing customization and remapping through the GC+ configuration app on console, and through RVLoader. It also features configurable rumble. Advanced users can use the accessible unused pads for advanced mods, or modify the open-source code.

So overall, this kit is great for both beginners and anyone looking to use a SNES-style controller on a GameCube or Wii!

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