SNES Party Browser Netplay

A website just launched that allows you to play multiplayer SNES ROMs across the net via a web browser:

I just tried it with a friend and it’s really laggy.  We both have pretty fast internet connections (mine’s 900Mbps) and it was mostly unplayable for the remote player.  I was the one hosting the ROM and played as Scorpion (player 2) in this video, but that’s pretty obvious:  Check out how long the delay is during the second title select screen!  The remote player (player 1) reported pretty much a full second of lag from hitting the D-Pad to actual movement in the select screen;  A few frames of lag to send the command, have it interpreted, then sent back.

Also, it took a moment to realize that I needed to click on the game window for the controller to activate (oops).  While this is a neat little toy that would be great for chess or checkers, you’re certainly not going to have a serious Mario Kart battle or fighting game match with it!  For more seriously netplay, you’d need to look into something like Parsec’s software

Check this out for yourself:


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