Rany Battikh

SNES Legacy 16 wireless controller by Retro-bit

Castlemania Games is now accepting pre-orders for Retro-bit‘s latest addition to the Legacy16 line of products, a SNES-styled wireless controller.

Earlier this year, Retro-bit unveiled a USB-only bare-bones wired version of the Legacy16. With the newer model, a slew of features were introduced placing the Legacy16 wireless more in line with the typical Switch-compatible retro-style controllers that we have become used to seeing on the market for the past few years. In addition to the traditional SNES controller layout, the Legacy16 wireless now boasts 2 analog sticks, additional ZL and ZR shoulder buttons as well as Home and Screenshot buttons.

But what matters the most for classic gaming enthusiasts is the inclusion of a 2.4GHz dongle/receiver making the Legacy16 wireless fully compatible with original SNES hardware. I’m curious to see if the left analog stick can somehow act as a replacement to the d-pad or is there probably a way to switch between both during gameplay?

I also wish Retro-bit can start including lag-test results while promoting their new products, especially now that more users are opting for such controllers for use with devices like the MiSTer.

The Legacy16 wireless is reasonably priced at $30 and includes the controller itself, proprietary SNES and USB 2.4GHz receivers and is expected to ship in May 2021.




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