Sinden Lightgun Project Updates

There’s been a few updates to the Sinden Lightgun project;  A “gun” designed to play original light gun games on all TV’s including flat panels with the use of a camera and emulation.  It looks like production is moving along and 5000 plastic shells have arrived at the manufacturer, who is preparing to begin production.  The target ship date for public release is October/November of this year, but that’s subject to change based on beta testing results and (of course) due to everything else going on.  Here’s the current price list for all selections still available to pre-order:

  • Sinden Light Gun without recoil = $103
  • Sinden Light Gun with recoil = $167
  • 2-pack = $200
  • 2-pack recoil version = $322

Also, it looks like the creator will be working with Arcade1Up to use Sinden Lightgun technology on their upcoming Big Buck Hunter arcade cabinet.  I think it’s great that Arcade1Up is embracing technology from the retro gaming scene and am looking forward to seeing how all of these perform.

As a note, the Sinden Lightgun will supposedly be compatible with PlayStation consoles, however the exact requirements are still unclear.  I believe it can be done by using an OSSC, but hopefully the upcoming PS1Digital can support it as well.

Here’s the full post for more info:

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