Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Sharp X68000 Shoulder Bag Coming Soon

This snazzy looking shoulder bag is designed to carry and protect the legendary Japanese computer, the SHARP X68000.  Designed for the “Manhattan Skyline” style of X68000’s, it will be available for preorder from the Japanese web store Helmets, for ¥21,384 (About $200)  The site states that quality materials are being used in the construction of this bag.  Which is adopted from “Cordura®” and is suppose to give this bag water resistance and shock absorbing support like that found in quality laptop computer bags.  The bag is able to secure both left and right towers independently and can even allow access to the disk drive without completely removing the computer from the bag.  This is a neat looking bag if you need to take your X68K on the go or use it to shield the computer from the elements while storing.   Curiously wonders how many of these bags theGirlG33k is going to buy…

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