Scanline City Custom Arcade Board Cases

A new company called Scanline City are now creating dual-layer plexi + metal cases, designed to protect, display and use your arcade boards.  They started with the Mortal Kombat quadrilogy, but will soon be moving on to cases from Capcom, Konami and many others.  The above video is a trimmed-down version of the livestream we recently did, that showed off and discussed the four MK cases and their creation.

Purchase the cases here:
YouTube Channel:

While these cases aren’t cheap, I’m really happy to see a “high end” option for people to add to their favorite arcade boards.  If you’re just looking for storage options, a combination of anti-static bubble wrap and “padded mailer boxes” should be all you need.  If you’d like a bit of protection, you can probably find cheaper plexi-only options;  Some might scratch easily, but better to have the case damaged and not the arcade boards.

These cases are for people looking for a “premium” option:  Close attention to detail, cool logos and a way to stand your board on any vertical edge, or flat if you need to.  I’ll definitely be keeping up with what Scanline City is offering and will continue to post about new products.

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