Saturn MiSTer Core Progress Update: Game Footage

Sergey Dvodnenko, aka srg320 has just posted a progress update, showing a MiSTer core running a Sega Saturn game.  To be clear:  THIS IS STILL AN EARLY BETA WITH NO PUBLIC RELEASE*!!!  I still wanted to share it with everyone, as it’s exciting to see how far the team has gotten!  Also, there’s no word if any hardware updates will be required to run it on current MiSTer kits, although it seems unlikely.

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When the MiSTer project first started, it was speculated that some of these more advanced cores might be “impossible”.  It’s absolutely remarkable to think of all the current platform’s we’re able to emulate in FPGA, with zero lag and in some cases, even features not possible in the original consoles!  I’ll continue to update everyone when there’s a major milestone, but please consider supporting the team’s Patreon accounts…both to fund the project and for updates in real-time.

*Sorry for the all caps, but sadly, most people don’t actually read these posts, only the headline and the thumbnail ;/  I just wanted to make sure we set everyone’s expectations properly.

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