SA-1 Support Added To Contra III

Vitor Vilela has just posted his latest edition to the SA-1 Root project, which enhances Super Nintendo games by adding an SA-1 chip to the cartridge, in order to offset some of the processing power from the SNES’ main CPU.  Vitor has previously done this to Gradius III and it was confirmed working on real hardware.

While I enjoy and appreciate all enhancements to classic games, there’s something unique about solutions that can run on real hardware.  For me personally, the thought that original dev’s could have made these “enhanced editions” back in the 90’s if they’d chosen to is really intriguing.

If you’re interested in experiencing these yourself, you can try them out using emulation for free.  My preferred way to play these games is via a real SNES and an SD2SNES ROM cart, but you can also hack a real SA-1 cart, or even use the MiSTer, which has pretty impressive support for SNES special chip games!.

Vitor’s Github:
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