Rany Battikh

Retro Gaming Cable’s Dreamcast Scart cable update

The much-anticipated Dreamcast scart cable by Retro Gaming Cables just got pushed back, unfortunately, due to manufacturing setbacks. Here’s what RGC had to say about it:

“We received a test casing of the connector shell (just ignore imperfections in the shell, as this is just a prototype), however there needs to be an adjustment made on the hole size and positioning for the switch as seen below. (Check the post’s feature image)

There has also been a set back with the mould for the stain relief, as our tool maker has just quoted an additional 12 weeks for delivery due problems with a new CNC Milling machine they recently purchased. However I advised them on the urgency on this, and that we may use an alternative tool maker to manufacture the mould if they cannot push this job forward. I’m awaiting a reply…

With the DCHDMI and a whole slew of VGA/RGB/HDMI boxes from Behar Bros on the market now, and the imminent release of HD Retrovision’s DC component cables, fans of Sega’s swansong now have plenty of options to output pristine picture out of their system(s). RGC’s offering seems to be the most adequate for my all-scart setup, and they are definitely perfecting it for its expected launch, in a few months’ time.


Source: https://www.retrogamingcables.co.uk/sega/SEGA-DREAMCAST-RGB-SCART-CABLES