Remute’s ‘Living Electronics’ Game Boy Album Now Available

Remute’s latest album ‘Living Electronics’ is now out and available to purchase as a Game Boy cartridge, or streamed for free on bandcamp.  The cartridge can be played on real hardware, with audio generated by the console itself, making it a true chiptunes experience!  You can purchase it either from from Stone Age Gamer or Bandcamp for $35 + shipping;  I’d just suggest purchasing via whichever store is closest to you / has the cheaper shipping to your location:

Stone Age Gamer:

While I absolutely love that you can preview the entire album on Bandcamp, I’ll definitely be waiting for my cartridge to arrive before listening!  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the music stands on its own like Remute’s previous releases…I just want to experience the music for the first time on original hardware, played through a good set of bookshelf speakers and amp.  Or I guess in the case of this album, right through my DMG via some good headphones 🙂  Either way, if you’re a fan of music albums played on game consoles, definitely consider checking out Remute’s previous work, all available from Stone Age Gamer:

Electronic Lifestyle – PC Engine / TG-16 (chose which HU Card version)
The Cult Of Remute – SNES / SFC (region free cartridge)
Technoptimistic – Genesis / Mega Drive (region free, but audiophiles know a model 1 is the best choice ;p)
Technoptimistic – Special edition box set for Genesis / Mega Drive, including poster, cassette tape and more!

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