Raspberry Pi Analog Output Overview

I just finished overhauling the entire Raspberry Pi section of the website and put together a short video that sums up the basics of what most people would need to know.  I tried to approach the video both as a beginner introduction to the RPi gaming scene and a refresher for people who’ve been out of the loop.  Detailed information, including links to hardware and software (config.txt) configurations are all available here:

I’ve been 240p gaming on RPi’s since the beginning and the entire scene has changed so much since I started.  Now, things like using HDMI to Component adapters that were previously complicated and finnicky solutions are now excellent ways to get analog signal from a Pi.  Also, the software used to launch games has been streamlined and there’s some really amazing solutions available.  With the addition of Raspberry Pi 4 support comes the possibility for using runahead modes, which means there’s the potential for extremely low-lag gaming on certain arcade board or console emulation!

Overall, it’s a great time to get into emulation!

Video available on YouTube (above), LBRY and Bitchute:

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