Vanessa (Vanessaira)

Prototype Mega EverDrive Pro Update

Krikzz just posted an update via twitter showing off his prototype Mega EverDrive Pro.  With any luck krikzz will get this finished soon, and users of this EverDrive variant will have many more options including the much requested Sega CD support.  Making this more powerful “pro” version of EverDrive a good form of competition to the Terraonion’s Mega SD.  In his tweet, Krikzz answers some questions from followers of which these examples include:

Q. Price range? A. $199

Q. Save State support for SMS? A. Planned but unsure if possible.

Q. 32X Rom Support? A. Yes but only with actual 32X

Q. Virtual Racing? A. Yes

Q. Will Mega/Sega CD Bios be needed?  A. Yes

Like with all other EverDrive products, buyers of previous products and versions should continue to enjoy support from krikzz (unless stated otherwise in the future) and should only consider upgrading EverDrive’s if you need the specific features supported by the newer FPGA(Field Programmable Gate Array).

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