PlayStation 1 MiSTer Core Update


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Developer Robert Peip has just released a beta core to his Patreon followers that boots PlayStation game backups on MiSTer.  There’s no support for audio in this build, but it boots a retail game dump for the first time;  I demo this in the short video above, but cut the video to skip past the select screen, right into the game.  There’s a long way to go before a public release, however this is still BIG news, as this demo is running on standard MiSTer hardware, with nothing new required.  This was made possible by help from Sorg and brings us one step closer to running PS1 games on MiSTer!  More info below, but please consider supporting these awesome developers:

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At the moment, it’s looking like running a full-speed PlayStation 1 core on MiSTer is possible, but there’s still one more question on hardware:  Will a second RAM module be required for full game (including audio) support, or will it run on current RAM modules?  Robert commented that he’ll try his best to get everything working with current setups, but it just might not be possible.

While this might not be the public PSX MiSTer release you’ve been waiting for, I still felt it was important to highlight this step in the development, as it’s still so exciting to see how much progress has been made already.  If you’d like to hear more from Robert, please check out the interview we did, right before this project was started:

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