Rany Battikh

PC Engine transparent Smoke Gray case final run

Retro Game Restore are looking into producing one final run of their very well received, SSDS3 matching, transparent smoke gray replacement shell for the original white PC Engine and CoreGrafx 1 & 2.

As usual, there’s a MOQ (of 80) to be met, in order for this batch to see the light of day. RGR have asked people who are interested in acquiring this particular version of their PC Engine replacement shell line, to drop a comment on Twitter or Facebook under the following designated posts:

RGR are also planning on designing and selling a clear replacement shell for the SNES (North American model), only if there’s enough demand for it. This is big news for SNES enthusiasts as the outer shell of the subject console is notoriously prone to yellowing and brittleness. Let RGR know, through the aforementioned social media links, if they should go on with such a project.

I happen to own the clear version of RGR‘s PC Engine shell and I can definitely attest to its premium quality. Those are still available for order at the moment here: http://retrogamerestore.com/pce_case/

The price is still set at $116 for the set that includes shells for both the console and controller.



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