Official 90’s Nintendo “Flash Carts”

Yahel from Wrestling With Gaming has just released a short, but great video about official “Flash Carts” Nintendo released in Japan in the late 90’s.  These carts could be purchased and re-programmed at Lawson stores in Japan and could store multiple games.  There was one for the Super Famicom, as well as one for the Game Boy…but the process was a bit convoluted and often not cost-effective.  Definitely check out the above video for more info!

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While I try not to spoil these videos in my posts, I gotta say:  What a stupid pricing mistake for some of these games!  As Yahel pointed out at the end, while some games could be a value, it would be very easy to spend more money on the cost of the cart + ROMs than just buying original games.  Also, not being able to re-program games you’ve purchased would be a dealbreaker for me!  It wouldn’t have been hard to tell customers to “save their personalized receipts to allow for a $1 reprogramming fee”…or something like that.

What a total flop.  Still a great story though!

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