No-cut, no-solder GBA backlit IPS screen mod

Tito from Macho Nacho productions has just posted a video demoing and installing a new IPS screen mod for the Game Boy Advance.  This one requires no modification to the original case and is completely plug and play – Zero soldering required!  The screen doesn’t seem to be as bright as other options and doesn’t have a “pixel” mode to emulate the look of the original screen, but otherwise performs really well.  At the very least, it does have brightness control.

No-cut, no-solder kit:

With new backlit screen kits being released practically every month, it’s really nice to see one that allows you to keep your original GBA shell intact.  While replacement shells are cheap, some are poor quality.  Even if you find a great replacement, some people just want to keep their original…but don’t want to hack it up to install a new screen!  If you want to add a quality backlit screen to your GBA, while keeping it otherwise stock and unmodified, this #nocutmod is for you!

…let’s just hope it’s updated with a way to add a “pixel” mode.  Maybe touch the brightness sensor for 5 seconds to toggle “scanlines”, then tap for brightness?

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