Ray Commend

New Scart to Component Transcoder Teased by Mike Chi

The creator of the Retrotink-2x, Mike Chi posted a teaser image of his upcoming Scart to Component transcoder on Twitter.

Details are scarce at this time, but Mike has stated that it will not be a bi-directional device. This will simply go from Scart -> Component and sell for around $50.

The analog transcoder will also not have or need firmware updates even though the teaser picture shows a micro USB port attached to it.  The port is most likely included to provide power to the unit.

This could end up being a relatively simple and inexpensive way for people that have SCART to convert over to component video for consoles that do not yet have a native option. There are converter boxes on the market, but good ones will be twice the price of Mike’s design and cheaper ones require users to open them up and fine tune the pots/dials inside of them.  Unless you know what you’re doing and have the proper equipment to properly attenuate those boxes, the results could be catastrophic.

A simple plug-and-play device with minimal fuss, wide compatibility and about the same price as current low-cost options would be fantastic. It’s a safe bet that it should work great with the Retrotink-2X.

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