MiSTer FPGA Updates – PSX Widescreen, Nemesis Core, Road Fighter Core and More

PlayStation Core

A widescreen hack has been added to the PlayStation core. This hack will attempt to give the game you play a wider field of view without stretching the 3D play area. However, it will stretch 2D elements.

Overclock Kernel

An overclocking kernel is being developed for the MiSTer project.
In the MiSTerFPGA forums, user Coolbho3k found a way to overclock the Cortex A9 CPU cores that are on the DE10 Nano.

Why overclock the CPU?

  • Overclocking should help with hybrid emulation efforts on the ao486 and Amiga cores
  • Slightly reduce game loading times on some cores
  • Will help with anything else CPU-bound – your imagination is the limit. I’ve heard of possible improvements to MIDI stuff
  • Underclocking to 400 MHz saves an estimated 140 mW (measured on MiSTer main menu) and doesn’t affect many core’s performance”

MiSTerFPGA forum post:

Konami GX400 Beta Core

A beta core of the Konami GX400 arcade hardware has been released. The only game supported now is Nemesis, which is a version of Gradius.

Jotego Updates

Core developer Jotego has released a new beta core of the arcade game Road Fighter to his Patreon subscribers.

Jotego also has some informative development posts on twitter where he describes an issue with a game and how he fixes it. This is really good insight for what goes on behind the scenes in core developments.

MIDI Support for the NES Core

There currently is a test core for the NES that allows you to connect a MIDI keyboard to your MiSTer and play along to Nintendo music with the core’s built in NSF player.

If this feature evolves any further it will be great for chiptune musicians. It would make it possible for them to create NES music on a MiSTerFPGA.

Latest Mister Stage Event Available On Demand

The latest MiSTer Stage event is now available in podcast form or on YouTube.
The MiSTer stage events are audio interviews with members of the MiSTer FPGA community. They are done on the MiSTerFPGA discord and are hosted by Artemio, the creator of the 240p test suite. This latest stage event features AlanSWX(Apple II, Macplus cores) and Robert Peip(PSX, GBA Cores).

Use an Android Phones as a Sound Module

Are you holding off on getting an MT32 Pi. Well an option that can help you wait is to use your Android phone as a MIDI module.

Xalalalala’s Attic Treats, on YouTube demonstrates how you can use your Android phone to play MIDI music on games and cores that support external sound modules. This is possible by using the Fluidsynth app that you can download from the Google Play Store.

Other MiSTer FPGA updates

Other cores getting miscellaneous fixes and updates are:

Asteroids Deluxe
Canyon Bomber
Dig Dug