Internal Analog to Digital HDMI solution for the OG Xbox

Consoles4You has just received a #NoCutMod HDMI modded Original Xbox to test.

There are no deatails about the board yet, other than it’s an internal mod that ttranscaodes Digital audio and component Video to HDMI.

While, it isn’t a pure Digital to Digital conversion, having an analog conversion as close to the source as possible will have the potential for a cleaner output than a basic component video to HDMI converter.


Solutions such as the AVIP thread on Xbmc4Xbox forum have been discussed in the past, but you need to cut a hole in the XBox shell and there’s a lack of documentation to it.

There’s also N64 Freak who is preparing a Plug & Play solution called OGX HD: an adapter that takes Component Video and Analog Stereo Audio and converts it to HDMI, however digital audio isn’t used.

Unfortunately, until a true digital to digital HDMI mod is available, A-D conversions are the only options we have…