Humble Bazooka Bluetooth Adapters In Stock

Stone Age Gamer now has stock of a few Humble Bazooka’s Bluetooth adapters:  The Neo Geo (AES / NGCD / MVS), Atari Jaguar, PC Engine, TurboGrafx-16 and 3DO adapters.  All are based off Darthcloud’s open source Blueretro platform, that offers some of the lowest bluetooth latency ever recorded when used with a fast controller.  Each are $50 plus shipping – These sell out quick, so you might want to gram em now if you’re interested:

Neo BT:
Atari Jaguar:
TG-16 BT:
8BitDo NGCD Controller:
PlayStation DualSense Controller:

Humble Bazooka also updated their website with instructions on how to pair 8BitDo’s Neo Geo CD-style controller to the Neo BT – It’s easy, but not intuitive, so this mini-guide is perfect:

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