HDMI Switch, Splitter and Extractor Shootout

Here’s a shootout of a bunch of HDMI splitters, switches and audio extractors I’ve been using.  They’re all zero-lag devices (even in downscaling modes!) and appear to work well with retro gaming devices, including the OSSC.  The first “reviews” are the longest, as they explain everything you need to know about these devices, then the rest reference those.  Here’s affiliate links to everything discussed, with their original written reviews linked below:

00:00  Intro
00:36  Disclaimer / Lag Testing:
03:07  Matrix Switch with downscaling:
09:47  Matrix Switch with audio extraction:
14:18  Audio Extractor with ARC:
18:19  Splitter with Audio Extraction:
21:42  Splitter with Switchable Downscaling:
23:43  Splitter with Automatic Downscaling:
25:08  ViewHD Splitter with Audio Extraction:
27:23  ViewHD Splitter:
27:51  Support this channel!!!:

Here’s the written reviews and more info:

Quality HDMI cables & equipment:
MD Fourier:
Matrix Switches Review:
Splitter + Audio Extractor Review:×2-splitter-audio-extractor.html
Downscaling splitter review:
Using a downscaler with AVR’s:
Datapath Vision Capture Cards:


Dude Wipes (lol):

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