HD Retrovision Adapter for 8-Pin DIN, RGB-Modded TG-16 & PCE Consoles

As the overly long title states, there’s now a pigtail adapter that allows any console in the PC Engine family that’s been modded with a *Voultar board and an 8-Pin DIN to use the HD Retrovision Genesis 2 cable.  I realize that sounds very niche, but that’s actually the most common way to internally RGB-mod these consoles.

PCE Adapter:
Genesis 2 HD Retrovision cables:

As always, the mod needs to be performed properly for this to work:  You’ll need the standard Red, Green and Blue lines connected and either composite video, or 75ohm csync connected to the composite video line.  You’ll also need to make sure 5v is connected, as that’s required to power the cable.

*Also, I’m sure many other RGB mods will work, however at the moment the Voultar mod is the only one officially supported.  Once again, there are many good sellers providing quality RGB mods, however there’s also plenty of poorly-made clone boards out there as well.  Without testing each one (and guaranteeing consistent production), there’s no way to tell if they’re outputting the exact signals the HD Retrovision cables will be expecting.

Either way, the mod needs to use a proper 8-Pin DIN, like the one Voultar shows in the video below:

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