Genesis / Mega Drive 240p Test Suite Update

Artemio has just released an updated version of the 240p Test Suite for Genesis & Sega CD.  This includes integration of the MDFourier audio testing software he’d previously released as a separate update.

A full list of updates are posted below and the software can be downloaded here:

Both versions

  • Added MDFourier: please read everything related to it at:
  • Segmented menu structure: removes some clutter and made space for new tests.
  • Added Hardware Tests: Controller, Z80 RAM, Memory Viewer and Sega CD Tests.
  • Selection between resolutions is done before the tests, so all options are always available
  • Updated all the help texts
  • YM2612 sound test now supports stereo panning

Sega CD version:

  • Added CD-DA and PCM to the sound test
  • Added frequency verification tests for PCM
  • MDFourier
  • Now supports PCM and CD-DA
  • Compatible with the cartridge test
  • Can be blindly accessed by booting the Suite with START pressed

Sega CD tests:
These tests are intended for non booting systems. They can help identify the failing components.

  • Can identify BIOS by CRC, in both versions. Even byte swapped and known region free variants
  • Can verify RAM (except PCM) and registers from cartridge/main cpu side
  • Can verify R/W access to Sega CD registers and flags from cartridge/main cpu side
  • Has a Memory viewer that can display ranges and jump between relevant sections and banks.
  • When in cartridge mode, the memory viewer can also help to identify Program RAM issues.
  • The Sega CD version has just a few of the tests, since the hardware is working and resources are being used.

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