GameCube Homebrew Swiss software receives three more updates!

Update:  One more:

The Swiss team has been hard at work updating their software, with three four updates in the previous weeks!  For anyone unfamiliar with the software, the most common use is for launching games with forced video modes, such as forcing a 480i game to run in 480p.  Swiss can be used with original discs, as well as .dol files, making it (in my opinion) essential for all GameCube power users.  

The easiest way to access Swiss is by booting an Action Replay disc and using an SD card memory reader; This can be done on a completely stock, unmodified GC.  The latest version (r528) can be found here:


Information on the previous two releases can be found here:

The long list of changes across all updates (from all team members) is as follows:

  • Improve dvd queue read speed when no audio is playing
  • Tidy up SD Gecko read code
  • Fix The Italian Job / Batman: Vengeance
  • Replace GXAdjustForOverscan
  • Some UI cleanup
  • Add screen position setting
  • Disable horizontal scale for 1080i
  • Other fixes / Refactoring (to video/patches)
  • Apply workarounds for GCVideo
  • Improve PAL 50Hz forcing.
  • Build fixes
  • GUI rewritten to be threaded, will make more advanced UI functionality possible
  • Fix SD (non HC/XC) issues when running games
  • Compile with latest libOGC/devkitPPC
  • Fix device init issue where device size would zero out
  • Fix SDGecko being locked at 16MHz when it was the default device
  • Fix issue where pressing up/down on device select caused weird behaviour
  • Fix multi-game disc sizing
  • Fix DVD device size calculations
  • Improve video mode forcing.
  • Support PAL-M in-game when patched.
  • Add PAL 60 fallback.
  • Fix 240/288p garbage line.
  • Patch getTiming.
  • Add force vertical offset.
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