EverDrive N8-PRO OS update v2.09

Krikzz has just released a new OS/firmware update for the Everdrive N8-Pro, adding the updated savegame support that he’s been including in the rest of his product line:

Firmware Update:
Purchase Everdrive N8 Pro:

The updated savegame management change copies the data to the SD card every time the menu is loaded, as opposed to every time a new game is loaded.  This makes it much easier for people who need to transfer savegames, as well as provides an extra layer of protection should your Everdrive’s battery ever die.

The full list of changes are as follows:

  • Saves management changes
  • Save states changes that allow different hotkeys for in-game menu and quick save/load states and use them at same time without switching mode in options.
  • Included 4K extra ram for mapper 195 at $5000-$5FFF
  • For mapper 159 max PRG size expanded to 4MB
  • Improvements for MMC5


Krikzz has also updated the firmware on the original Everdrive N8 to v1.24, including some fixes.  I’m not sure if the hardware on original Everdrive N8’s can be updated to support the new savegame handling, but hopefully it’s a possibility in the future:

  • fixes for MMC5
  • fixes for FDS

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