Dungeon Keeper source port “KeeperFX” celebrates full 1.0 release

After 15 years of community development, KeeperFX, a reverse-engineered source port of 1997’s Dungeon Keeper, has finally entered the big leagues with this nice 1.0 release. With a laundry list of QoL updates, compatibility fixes, tools for modders and even some new custom campaigns, KeeperFX is the best way to enjoy Peter Molyneux’s classic baddie-simulator. You’ll need the original game files of course, which can be purchased here from GOG.

Grab the latest release of KeeperFX here

While KeeperFX has certainly been more than playable for many years now, it’s still nice to see their efforts all come together for a solid 1.0 release. Personally, I’d love to see the community tackle Molyneux’s other god-game next, Black & White. Which is still quite a pain in the arse to get running on modern systems.