DCDigital Firmware v4.6 Released

A minor firmware update was just released for the DCDigital;  The Sega Dreamcast HDMI mod from Dan and Christof.  As usual, updating the firmware is as simple as connecting the console to your wifi network, then downloading and installing the update right from the OSD!

The full changelist is as follows:

  • Fixed: LED pattern when no input clock is present
  • ESP firmware is now built using PlatformIO 4.3.4
  • Scanlines: New very thin setting (Thanks to @SvtTerminator)
  • Generated passwords: Avoid ambiguous characters.

While the new scanlines might be interesting to most people, the “avoid ambiguous characters” update will be a help to installers looking to access the DCDigital remotely.

More info is available on the github and a full, detailed review of the DCDigital can be found below:

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