Consolized Virtual Boy Cartridge Adapter

Kevin Mellott, creator the HyperFlash32 (and other awesome stuff) had just released a PCB that allows people who consolize Virtual Boy’s to reverse the orientation, so the label is visible.  This is specifically for custom builders who are making their own case, not causal modders.

PCB Flipper:

Once again, this only a PCB.  You’ll need to use your own VB motherboard connector as well as the right angled 2mm headers.  Below are the connectors Kevin recommends, however he noted that there may be other headers that are a better fit:

44pos 2mm header:
4pos 2mm header:
30pos 2mm header for cutting 1×2 pieces:

I love to see broken Virtual Boy’s repurposed into consolized systems like this!  There’s plenty out there with cracked cases and broken mirror assemblies that have been sitting in “parts” bins that can now have new life breathed into them!  Combining the original motherboards with the servo’s and Virtual Tap result in a really cool consolized experience!

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