CarcinogenSDA to Play RE2 with the Game’s Director

Famed speedrunner CarcinogenSDA will be heading to Japan, to play Resident Evil 2 live with game director Hideki Kamiya.  The playthrough will air on October 18th at 10PM EST and will be streamed live on Carci’s channel:

I’m a fan of speedruns and the community behind it, but don’t often post about it here, unless it fits directly into the retro hardware and software we often cover.  Carci’s name often comes up in both scenes, as his hardware setup is usually an example of the best the retro-gaming world has to offer – Especially when using creative ways to deal with games that switch between 240p and 480i in the menu’s.

In my opinion, this is a rare event that can be equally appreciated by game dev’s, retro hardware enthusiasts and speedrunners.  I’ll be at PRGE watching it with friends there:

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