A Beginner’s Guide to Resident Evil (1996) & REmake

The original Resident Evil is a terrific game, and so is its 2002 GameCube remake. It’s a must-play for fans of the survival horror genre, and a perfect entry point into the world of horror games. But with so many ports, director’s cuts, digital downloads and HD remasters, choosing the best version to play can be a little tricky. So, as a longtime fan of the series, I’ve made this guide to help new players pick which version of RE1 and REmake is best for them.

This video will walk you through the following topics:

  • Should I play the 1996 PlayStation original or just skip straight to REmake?
  • The best versions of the PlayStation original, including the original Director’s Cut, the modded Japanese PC port for Windows 98, the Sega Saturn release and the excellent Deadly Silence for Nintendo DS.
  • Spoiler-free gameplay tips for new players and those who might’ve struggled to previously enjoy the game. Includes advice on getting used to tank controls, how to best manage your resources, dealing with zombies and how to prevent Crimson Heads in REmake.
  • Advice on emulating the PlayStation release.
  • The best versions of the 2002 GameCube remake, including emulation through Dolphin, playing the game on a Wii, and the modern HD remaster for consoles and PC.

I love this game, and if you give it a chance, hopefully you will too. I’ve played a lot of horror games in my time but this one still sits up there with the best of them. If you have any more questions about RE1, or REmake, feel free to drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.