8BitDo NES-Themed Keyboard

8BitDo have just opened pre-orders on an NES and Famicom-themed “Retro Mechanical” keyboards.  They offer bluetooth, 2.4GHz RF and USB connections and also come with two buttons that you can map to basically anything using their software.  The price is $100 and they’re due to ship by the end of September.  Select which edition you’d like in the link:

Purchase Both Here:

This thing looks so cool, but I have one major complaint:  Where’s the number pad!?!?!?  I’d have seriously considered buying this, but I use the number pad multiple times a day.  In fact, I’ve consistently only bought laptops with a full-sized keyboard for this exact reason.  Maybe I’m a rare use case and most people prefer their large mechanical keyboard without it?

…anyway, more info is available on their website.  And here’s a look at their programming software:

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