3DO XPort ODE Firmware Update / Halloween Sale

Fixel has just released a firmware update for the ‘XPort’ external, plug and play optical drive emulator.  The revision 0.57 firmware allows for 100% compatibility with the entire redump disc set!  That means this external solution should be equal in compatibility, but much faster than original CDROM drives.  Fixel is also running a Haloween sale for anyone interested in purchasing either UDE.  Discount codes, the update process and an easy capacitor fix for problematic 3DO’s can be found below the links…

Firmware Update:
X-Port (external):
FZ-1-only Internal Version:
Bracket for FZ-1 Version:

Discount Codes:

  • 6% off FZ1 or XPort ODE (expires Halloween night). Code: halloween22
  • Buy XPort ODE, get any other ODE at 13% off. Code: scarycyberturkeyxp
  • Buy FZ1 ODE, get free ribbons. Code: scarycyberturkeyfz1


  • To update, place the xpode.xpu file from Github on the root of your media (USB, MicroSD, etc).
  • Boot to the XPort and Select X -> UpdateODE on the menu.
  • Rapid blinking LEDs will indicate the update. It may take 1-2 minutes to complete. Console may reset during the update process.
  • New startup is indicated by blinking “Image LED” during power on.
  • That’s it!

Reset Capacitor:

The 3DO’s “reset capacitor” is a common source of issues when using both CDROM’s and ODE’s.  While doing a full capacitor replacement is good practice – and will eventually be required on all of these classic consoles to keep them running – Not everyone has the time, skills or opportunity to make that happen.  That said, there’s an easy fix that’s a decent alternative.

First, carefully disassemble your 3DO.  There’s a ton of screws, but as long as you mark where each go (and remember the order you remove things in!), it should be pretty easy.

Then, for FZ-1 units (I tested both US and JP versions), locate C401, next to the drive tray eject button (click for a full-sized picture):

Even if you don’t have a desoldering iron, you should be able to carefully use a soldering iron to remove the original and replace it.  Simply note the orientation of the negative leg and replace it with a brand new capacitor;  The value in the ones I tested was 22uF, 5v, however any cap 20-100uF and a minimum of 10v should be fine as well.

Replacing this should fix the random hangs at boot and a few other issues you may run into with both discs or ODE’s.


Here’s the full list of changes to this firmware:

  • Improved startup procedure, helps consoles with bad or missing reset capacitor
  • Improved compatibility – tested and working on entire Redump set.
  • Improved USB compatibility with odd drives.


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