20 Bootleg Retro Games That Are Actually Good

Good Bootleg Games

Bootleg retro games are often the target of derision and mockery on youtube, but that seems to happen only because no one is taking the time to showcase the games that are actually good. It’s because of that that St1ka (that’s me) created a video listing 20 Bootleg games that are actually good and have production values that rival (and in some cases surpass) their official counter parts.

From Mega Man clones, to Street Fighter 2, King of Fighters, Klonoa, Starcraft and even Final Fantasy, st1ka’s videos on 20 Bootleg Games that are actually worth playing is a video that you should check out. Expect to see everything from SHMUPs to beat´em ups, gallery shooters, Action RPGs and of course, platformers.

If you’d like to learn more about these games, check out the video below:


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