SNES 1CHIP / Mini Ghosting Fix

While the SNES 1CHIP’s have sharper video, one of the drawbacks is a “ghosting” effect that can sometimes be seen in certain screens.  While it’s not too big of a deal, it was enough to bother some people and luckily a fix was found:  Simply replace C11 on any 1CHIP or mini console with a different value and the ghosting goes away.

Unfortunately, the effect is extremely hard to capture on camera, but it is something noticeable in person.  And of course, if someone points it out, you’ll never be able to un-see it.  If it’s something that bothers you, here’s the cap for each console:

1CHIP Ghosting Cap:
SNES Mini Ghosting Cap:

I’ll try to update with footage of the issue, but for now, here’s the location of the capacitor that needs replacing, found just under the cartridge port pins (click for full-sized):