All other products for sale on other pages of this site are simply links to other people's stores - No "products" are sold on this site.  This page is a link to my eBay store, plus a list of what's coming soon, as well as items that are pickup-only.

Click here for my eBay store, all available for global shipping:

Almost ready to sell!:
I have a few more things coming up for sale, but need to finish reviews and testing before they're ready to go.  Please check back again soon for more, but here's what's coming up (I think in order):

PS3 Slim with CFW

Game Boy Light
The light only sometimes works.  It's probably fixable, but really more of a "collectors item".

Neo Geo 1-slot MVS 
It's a conversion cab with a 1-slot MVS board and a MINT condition CRT.  As soon as I finish my MVS ROM cart review it's gone, but this is pickup-only:  You need to come to the office in Brooklyn, get it down a flight of stairs and into your own vecihle.  Due to my back, I can't help with this at all.  Sorry about that!  This has already been claimed by someone, but until payment is made and it's pickup up, I'm leaving this up here in case anyone else is interested.


Probably Won't Happen Sale (seriously, none of this will be sold unless my medical bills get crazy...only listing just in case):

RGB Monitors:
32", 16:9 Sony BVM-D32E1WU
37” Mitsubishi Megaview XC-3730C
29”  NEC XM29
20" Sony BVM-A20F1U (no 68x card, 2000 hours)
20” Sony PVM-20M2U
14” Sony BVM D14H5U
14” Sony PVM-14M2U
8” Sony BVM-8045QD
Flight case for 20" Monitors

Sega CDX
Analogue NT Mini


RGB Cables:

RetroRGB does not make or sell RGB cables, however each console page has links to two different stores you can purchase them from:

As an FYI, cable sellers are now offering "JP21" cables.  This is a type of SCART that was only used in Japan.  Unless you have 100% Japanese switches / consoles / equipment, it's best to just use SCART.


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