SMS Audio A/V Pins

This page shows you how to get audio directly from the SMS A/V port.  This would most commonly be used for routing audio through the NEO Sega MKiii ROM cart, which adds FM audio to your SMS.

- First, start by completely disassembling the Sega Master System (all that's needed is a phillips head screwdriver).

- Next, take a standard RCA cable, strip the end and run it through the bottom plastic of the SMS system, in the same spot the A/V connector would be.  I prefer to tie the cable on the inside of the plastic, so there's no chance of it accidentally pulling out:

- Then, flip the SMS main board over and line it up with the rear cover (detailed pic of solder points is next):

- Place a piece of non-conductive tape underneath the area where you'll be soldering.  Then, solder the following points on the board.  Mono audio is on the left, ground is on the right:

- Re-assemble the system:

- I suggest putting a piece of non-conductive tape over the area you just soldered, to prevent it from touching the metal shield. 

- Tuck the excess audio wire underneath the metal shield plate. 

- Make sure the knot is properly snugged against the case:

- All done!  If you're using the Neo Sega MKiii, plug the new audio cable into the "SMS AUDIO IN" port as shown here:

- Run an RCA audio cable from the "FM AUDIO OUT" port of the Neo Sega MKiii into the audio input of your device.

- If you're using an RGB cable and your device doesn't have a separate audio input, you can wire the mono audio line to both pins 2 and 6 on the SCART connector, then audio ground to pin 4:


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