SSDS3 Repair


The SSDS3 is a device that attaches to the back of a TG-16 or PCE and acts as a ROM cart, Optical Drive Emulator and RGB output solution.  It has the potential to be the perfect device for any PCE owner, but on original revisions (pre-2019) both an audio and video bypass board needs to be installed in order to get a high quality signal from the device.  If you don’t have the ability to install these mods yourself, this will add over $100 to the already high cost of the device.

Video Bypass Boards:

Pre-made audio and video bypass boards are available for people to purchase, as well as installation services:


UK Seller (offers all):


Video bypass boards have been created by Voultar to fix the issues and can be downloaded here:

A note from Voultar.

This video amplifier is designed to replace all of the analog video circuitry on Terra Onion’s SSDS3 unit. I designed this with the intention of resolving all of the various analog errors found in Terra-Onion’s original video circuit design. I only have so many PC-E consoles to test with, but I believe that this will provide a substantial improvement to video clarity.

C-Sync is properly buffered so that if you’re using a Model 2 Genesis C-Sync cable that doesn’t attenuate the C-Sync line, C-Sync will trigger just fine as a low impedance line. However, IF your Genesis C-Sync cable does attenuate the C-Sync line (with a resistor in-series) and you have trouble getting sync to lock-on, you may short the “470Ω” jumper to resolve intermittent (picture dropping) sync locking. This probably won’t be necessary, 90% of the time.

Component Map & BOM can be found within the zip file. You can download the GERBERs from OSH-PARK and use whatever board-house you prefer.

I was NOT paid to do any of this. I’m giving this to the community at absolutely ZERO cost, for everyone to use. I believe that you people have paid enough for the SSDS3 & it would be extremely amateur & in remarkably bad taste for me to make a product & sell it for profit, taking advantage of an unfortunate situation. Having said that, Mobius Strip Tech is offering these boards pre-assembled virtually at cost, and has a very cheap installation service, if you don’t want to do any of this yourself. I will not provide documentation or support the FU-RGB. Good luck.” 😉


Audio Bypass Boards:

FirebrandX has posted the design files of his audio board for anyone who wants to make their own: