New Behar Bros Xbox HDMI & VGA Plug & Play Boxes

UPDATE:  These new boxes don’t work properly with 720p or 1080i video signals and still have brightness issues with 480p.  Maybe hold off on purchasing until they get it fixed?

The Behar Bros have just released two new dual-output A/V boxes for the original Xbox.  The first is the Xedusa Plus, which is functionally identical to the original (HDMI + YPbPr), but offers a pigtail for just $5 more.  This is perfect for people who don’t have the extra room on their shelf behind the Xbox and want a way to put it alongside the console (or were worried about strain relief).  Next is a similar device, but instead of HDMI out, there’s a VGA output.  This is awesome for people who need dual output and also want to play on a VGA CRT monitor.  The price is $70 plus shipping and is in stock now.

Component Cables:

These adapters are FILLED with features!  They’re built on the same design as the original Xedusa, which means you can safely output both component video and HDMI (or VGA) at the same time;  It’s properly buffered and will NOT harm the console.  There’s also a coax digital audio output (the yellow RCA jack) so technically you can have four audio outputs at the same time as well.

…and yes, the digital audio options are digital-to-digital – The HDMI output is not just converting analog audio like with some cheap, generic adapters.  Unlike certain other adapters, I think these offer a TON of value!  While yes, if you only need HDMI-out, you can get much cheaper (but still high quality) options, however if you’re looking for one total solution THESE are it.

I hope to have the opportunity to test them soon and would love to do a livestream where I game on my VGA monitor, but stream via my RT5x and component!

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